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Participation in Natural Gas Sales Business in Singapore

Toho Gas Co., Ltd. (“Toho Gas”, President: Nobuyuki Masuda) has subscribed to new shares issued by Gashubunited Utility Private Limited (“GU”), which is involved in the natural gas business in Singapore. This share subscription marks Toho Gas’ entry into the business of selling natural gas for commercial and industrial use in Singapore.

In Singapore, natural gas is positioned as a crucial energy source for decarbonization efforts, and there are high expectations for its expanded use as more users convert to its use as a method of reducing CO2 emissions. Leveraging our experience and expertise in promoting the use of natural gas, we will work, through GU, to further develop natural gas demand in Singapore.

Toho Gas will continue to expand our domestic and international energy-related business and contribute to the realization of a low/zero-carbon emission society.


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